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Laser eye surgery for short-sightedness (myopia)

Patients who suffer from short-sightedness (myopia) struggle to see objects in the distance, they are out of focus and blurry. Short-sighted people can easily recognize things close to them. As a short-sighted individual, one has a negative dioptre count (for example, -3.0 dioptres).

The reason for this optical refractive error is in most cases an eyeball that is too long, or refraction of the eye is too high. The light doesn’t bundle on the retina, but the focal point is formed before the retina. This is why a blurred image is displayed on the retina itself when one looks into the distance. With a pair of glasses or contact lenses the light is dispelled so that it hits the retina properly.

In the treatment of short-sightedness, the central cornea is flattened to reduce the refractivity. The following methods can be used to do so:

Laser methods:

ReLex Smile

Lens surgery methods:

With a higher count of dioptres, or other restrictions, surgery on the lens can also be undertaken, i.e. lens implants are inserted:
Phakic Lenses
Lens replacement

The appropriate method will depend on your dioptre count:

   up to approx. -10 dioptres    Femto-LASIK/LASIK
   up to approx. -6 dioptres    Femto-LASIK/LASIK/LASEK
   approx. -6 to -25 dioptres    Phakic Lenses/Lens replacement

We will individually and collectively decide on the best method for you at the consultation and the preliminary examination.

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