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Further and further away: Laser eye surgery for presbyopia

Each and every individual has a loss of vision to some degree between the ages of 40 and 60. The natural lens loses its elasticity. The need for reading glasses can be significantly reduced or even eliminated through our surgical methods.

From around the age of 40 to 45, reading closely becomes more difficult – this process is called ‘loss of accommodation’. The lens simply loses elasticity due to calcification and the eye loses its ability to adapt to environmental conditions. It can no longer switch optimally between long and short distances.

However, presbyopia is not a disease, but rather a physiological aging process with normal functional loss due to age. It is dynamic, which means that your vision will deteriorate even more as you age.

Pure presbyopia can be treated with monovision. This means that a short-sighted and a normal-sighted eye (for good vision in the distance) is generated. Usually, people between 40 and 65 are suitable for monovision. Monovision is performed using the following methods:

Lens surgery methods:

Phakic Lenses
Lens replacement


   Without any other visual defects KAMRA/Femto-LASIK/Monovision/Lens replacement
   Hyperopia / Myopia
+3 up to -5 dioptres
   All visual defects Lens replacement with monofocal/multifocal implants Physiol x Zeiss, Amo Symphony or Panoptix (Alcon)
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