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For a new sense of life:
Laser eye surgery with uncompromised quality and precision

Doing sports unrestrictedly, going on vacation without concerns, or just getting up in the morning and seeing the world with clear eyes – millions of people all over the world have already had their eyes lasered. Refractive eye surgery is the most popular operation when it comes to voluntary surgery.

The world’s first laser eye surgery was performed in 1987 by Theo Seiler, from whom our senior eye surgeon, Dr. Victor Derhartunian, personally learned his craft. Since then, this scientifically recognized procedure is continuously being developed and perfected. Many long-term studies confirm the high success rate and rapid healing of the treatment – the medical procedure has even been approved for jet pilots and astronauts.

The most common form of laser eye surgery is LASIK or Femto-LASIK – a majority of our patients are treated with this extremely safe and precise method. The various possibilities of laser eye treatments all have one thing in common: they newly shape the cornea of the eye with high-precision lasers so that you are able to see flawlessly.

Highly professional laser eye operations, as one would have at EyeLaser, are safe, quick and painless. The treatment only takes 15 to 20 minutes, and you will be able to see perfectly clearly within a few hours or days. We take a lot of time for you and your individual refractive error. You will not be treated according to a formula, but will be given individual attention.

Your eyes will thoroughly be examined and tested, so that we can determine the perfect treatment method for you. With the most advanced equipment for diagnosis and laser technology, we ensure that your treatment will commence with the highest standards of safety, quality and comfort.

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