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Long-sightedness (hyperopia) is a condition that causes blurry near vision

  • With our high-precision eye treatments, you can have this common refractive error corrected.

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Discover what long-sightedness is and how we treat it

Fix your long-sightedness and enjoy a life without glasses and contacts

Fix your long-sightedness and be free from glasses and contacts

Discover everything you need to know about long-sightedness and how we treat it below

Hyperopia, also known as long-sightedness, occurs when the eyeball is too short, or the refraction of the eye is too low. Thus, the focal point is behind the retina rather than on it.

The closer an object is to the eye, the more blurred one sees it.

Individuals who suffer from severe long-sightedness do not see objects clearly, which are close or far away. A person with hyperopia has a positive dioptre count (for example, +4.0 dioptres).

Lens surgery methods

If you have severe hyperopia or other visual defects, we may recommend:

 up to max. +4 dioptres Femto-LASIK/LASIK/Phakic Lenses (ICLs)/Lens replacement 
approx. +5 to +10 dioptres Phakic Lenses (ICLs)/Lens replacement

In the treatment of long-sightedness, we will increase the curvature of the central cornea to correct your prescription.

Laser methods include:

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3 laser eye surgery steps to freedom from glasses & contact lenses

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Dr. Victor Derhartunian

Ophthalmologist, specialist in refractive surgery


Having learned his craft from the two pioneers of laser surgery, Dr. Victor Derhartunian is one of the leading surgeons in Europe. The senior eye surgeon at EyeLaser in Zurich can advise his patients in 5 languages.

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Dr. Nadine Gerber

Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon


Dr. Nadine Gerber has been part of the EyeLaser team since 2018. Together with Dr. Derhartunian, she looks after refractive and general ophthalmological consultations.

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Dr. Dominique Mustur

Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon


Dr. Dominique Mustur has been a member of the EyeLaser team since 2019.

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