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Examination costs

Every eye treatment begins with a consultation and a comprehensive preliminary ophthalmological examination.


FREE 5 Min.
  • Quick laser vision correction suitability test, measurement of diopters, 3d measurement of the cornea. In the 2nd step you will be called with the result + counselling: Advantage: no waiting time, you can also come in a short brake


FREE 15-30 Min.
  • Includes all measurements of fast screening + individual in house counselling, explanation of correction methods

Full examination

290,- 90 Min.
  • Includes all measurements required for the vision correction surgery, at the end we chose together the most suitable method for the patient (cost will be deducted from the surgery in Zurich)

Risk-free consultation

Learn all about the benefits of laser eye treatment in a free initial consultation. The costs of the preliminary examination will be deducted from the price of the treatment in Zurich.

Laser vision correction prices/costs

Join over 100,000,000 happy people who no longer need glasses and contact lenses (price/eye)

Why do some surgeons/clinics advise against SmartSight or Relex-Smile Method?

In principle, the SmartSight or Relex Smile method should only be discouraged if the treating physician has no technology available or is not proficient in this innovative small incision technique.

Femto-Lasik STANDARD

  • OUR standard
  • – Aberrations FREE treatment
  • – very quick recovery
  • – Sports, make-up in 2 weeks

Femto-Lasik PREMIUM

  • OUR standard PREMIUM
  • – Wavefront GUIDED treatment
  • – very quick recovery
  • – Sports, make-up in 2 weeks

SmartSight NO-FLAP

  • MOST modern
  • – less DRY EYES
  • – DAY 1: Sports + Make-up

Presbyopia LASER-reading glasses

  • READING glass surgery
  • – PresbyMax/Monovision
  • – Femto-LASIK/SmartSight
  • – Sports, make-up in 2 weeks

Trans-PRK smart surface STANDARD

  • THE simpliest
  • – Aberrations FREE treatment
  • – no-touch treatment
  • – longer visual recovery
  • – good vision after 1-3 monaths

Trans-PRK smart surface PREMIUM

  • THE simpliest PREMIUM
  • – Wavefront GUIDED treatment
  • – no-touch treatment
  • – longer visual recovery
  • – good vision after 1-3 monaths

1 year guarantee included.
We give you a 10 year guarantee* on the laser correction, provided you have an annual eye check-up with us (CHF 180/year).

*The 10 year guarantee includes a free follow-up correction if the target correction deviates due to measurement deviations, laser beam variations and wound healing, and correction is medically reasonable and feasible according to international recommendations. Excluded from this are deviations due to changes in the eye as a result of eye diseases (such as lens ageing/clouding, glaucoma or AMD) and progression of presbyopia.

** Available until 1.3.23 in Vienna/Warsaw (preliminary exam in Zurich), from 1.3.23 in Zurich/Switzerland

Lens replacement / ICL pricing/costs

Correction of high visual defaults, presbyopia with advanced premium implants (prices/eye)

ICL EVO - phakic IOL

from 3900,-
  • – high diopters, thin cornea
  • – Modern EVO/EVO+ ICL
  • – Astigmatism correction option
  • – alternative surgery in Warsaw 2800,-

Lens exchange PREMIUM

  • – Entfernt die Fern- und Lesebrille
  • – Multifocal/trifocal/EDOF Implants
  • – Astigmatism correction incl.
  • – alternative surgery in Warsaw 2800,-

Lens exchange LASER

  • – Linsentausch Premium + LASER
  • – laser assisted surgery
  • – Astigmatism correction incl.
  • – ZIEMER Z8 femto-LASER
  • – alternative surgery in Vienna 4500,-

*flight+Hotel additionally +- 500 CHF (2 Nights+flight ab Zürich/Basel)

Optimise your vision with the help of EyeLaser

Many people around the world have already freed themselves from glasses and contact lenses, but not all eyes are suitable for laser treatment. Book a free initial consultation and find out which treatment can help you:

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Insurance pricing & tax deduction

The cost of laser eye surgery if you have health insurance

At present, the cost is not covered by basic insurance. However, the costs may be partially covered by supplementary insurance. We recommend checking the conditions of your supplementary insurance policy and/or clarifying this with your own health insurance provider.

Tax deductibility is regulated differently in each canton, so it varies. It depends on your excess. We recommend that patients to check their personal deductibility. In most cases, the websites of the cantonal tax authorities can provide you with the information you need.

Discover which eye treatment is best for you with this 1-minute quiz

Things like age, eye shape, history and lifestyle make an eye treatment perfect for one person, but not another. Find out which treatment (if any) could free you from glasses and contacts

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How much do our patients love us?

95.89% to be precise. But don’t take our word for it…

I had been wearing contact lenses for 35 years. As I got older, the lenses bothered me more and more, especially in the summer months because of the increasing dryness in my eyes. As I’m very sporty, I was looking for another solution to avoid having to wear glasses. I was very scared and sceptical about this eye laser correction option.

EyeLaser Zurich gave me the feeling of being in the right place from the very first moment. The explanation was understandable and explained in detail. Everyone always took enough time for me. The consultations and the follow-up checks were excellent.

The result is a dream. It’s incredible to get up in the morning and see everything immediately without having to go to the bathroom first to put my lenses in. I am so grateful :-)

Top support, top service, top work!

That’s all I can say. I’m so grateful to have found my way to you. I’m extremely satisfied and will always be happy to recommend you. Everything is just great. Thank you so much!

I was initially unsure about laser eye surgery.

These worries were allayed during the very first information session. The whole team is very friendly and explained everything in detail. The operation went very quickly and I was able to see perfectly clearly again after just a few hours. The feeling of being able to see properly again is overwhelming and I recommend it to everyone! At EyeLaser in Zurich you are in the best of hands. Thank you very much.

Serious advice, good care, great success.
I no longer need glasses after the laser treatment.

Very competent consultation and super results following the operation. Since the first day after the operation, I can see perfectly without glasses. This has also been confirmed today, a little more than a year later, in the follow-up check-up.

We have replaced the images of real patients who provided these testimonials to protect their privacy.

Eye surgery with Swiss precision

Quality is in our DNA

Everything we do is optimised down to the very finest detail.

There’s a right way and a wrong way

The right clinic is not too cheap, too “chain” or too costly. The right clinic is precisely right.

Superior precision

Our vision correction method leaves no room for disappointment.

Get to know the eye experts

Discover our laser eye surgeons in the heart of Zurich

Dr. Victor Derhartunian

Ophthalmologist, specialist in refractive surgery


Having learned his craft from the two pioneers of laser surgery, Dr. Victor Derhartunian is one of the leading surgeons in Europe. The senior eye surgeon at EyeLaser in Zurich can advise his patients in 5 languages.

Learn more

Dr. Nadine Gerber

Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon


Dr. Nadine Gerber has been part of the EyeLaser team since 2018. Together with Dr. Derhartunian, she looks after refractive and general ophthalmological consultations.

Learn more

Dr. Dominique Mustur

Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon


Dr. Dominique Mustur has been a member of the EyeLaser team since 2019.

Learn more