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Why EyeLaser is unlike any other laser eye centre

The trend towards performing eye laser surgery on the assembly line can no longer be denied: patients with refractive errors are carted in droves by bus or even airplanes to eye laser chains at home and abroad, to have the dream of perfect vision fulfilled. Everything that can and will go wrong has already been uncovered and documented on ARD and ZDF.

The disadvantages of this type of mass processing are obvious: where profit and profit maximization are in focus, the patient pays for it- with limitations in medicine and technology, personal care, and the availability of professionals when it comes to questions or emergencies.

EyeLaser is not an eye laser chain with dozens of branches, but rather a private practice that provides a crucial difference:

The examination, consultation and surgery are performed solely by the attending surgeon at our eye laser centres.
Unlike laser eye chains, in which you will be examined and advised by an optician, at EyeLaser in Zurich Switzerland you will always be speaking directly to an eye surgeon. Our renowned specialists at EyeLaser have the following in common:

  • Top-training at global pioneers in eye surgery
  • National and international careers, for example in Switzerland
  • Frequent practice in prestigious universities and private clinics
  • Many years of experience in science and research
  • Comprehensive knowledge of optics, medicine and surgery

Our eye surgeons can judge best which method is most appropriate for you, what risks can be expected and what the safest and most promising option is. Read more about the risks of laser eye surgery abroad on our blog.

Allow yourself to be convinced and arrange a no-obligation, free consultation with one of our highly specialized eye surgeons in Zurich and Vienna!

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