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The highly individual treatment:
The laser eye method Wavefront-LASIK

Every eye is unique, like a genetic fingerprint. Wavefront-LASIK is a customized treatment for so-called optical aberrations, i.e. refractive errors of higher order and complex visual defects. It is particularly useful for vision that needs to be improved in low light conditions, for example, at night. However, only 5 to 10% of patients benefit from individual Wavefront-treatment – excellent results are obtained with other methods as well.

When parallel rays of light enter the eye, they are ideally – so without aberrations – focused on one single point. In a normal eye, this point is within the retina. However, this is almost never the case: The Wavefronts deviate from the ideal shape after entering the cornea and the lens. Each eye has individual curvatures and aberrations. Thus, the point of focus may be fuzzy.

Such aberrations cannot be rectified with glasses or contact lenses, since the correction must be made in the eye directly. The only solution is a correction by refractive corneal surgery with the Excimer laser. As part of a LASIK or LASEK treatment, higher-order aberrations are treated with high precision.

This is how the Wavefront-LASIK operation proceeds

The preparation

We will measure your eye with an aberrometer and capture its individual topography and visual defects. With this information we will calculate how the cornea must be removed with the laser. The Wavefront measurement is therefore the template for your removal profile.

The correction with the Excimer laser

While the eye tracker is following the eye and even compensating for small movements, the Excimer laser is precisely removing the tissue.

Naturally, due to the removal of the tissue, you may feel abnormal sensations such as burning or stinging in the eye following the days after the surgery. However, with the Wavefront-method great vision is already possible on the next day. Read more about the general risks of laser eye surgery here.

The completion

To protect your eyes against environmental influences you will receive highly oxygen permeable contact lenses, which are removed by the surgeon the next day. That’s it!

Find out more about the preparation and treatment regarding your laser eye surgery here: treatment.

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