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From a technical perspective:
The world’s most advanced technology in laser eye surgery

One of our basic principles is to always be at the cutting edge of technology. Why? Because the operation not only becomes less complicated for us, but especially for you. Therefore, only the highest quality and most advanced devices are used at our clinics for refractive and intraocular eye surgery, and meticulously maintained by us. We were even instrumental in the development of some of this equipment.

The Femtosecond laser

The Femtosecond laser is an infrared laser and is used to make an incision in the cornea to produce the “flap”: the corneal flap, which is raised and then closed after lasering. At EyeLaser we use the Swiss Leonardo Da Vinci LDV Z6 Femto Laser by Ziemer, the most modern equipment for Femto-LASIK surgery.

Special about this laser is the high laser frequency (MHz), the low pulse energy (nJ) and the small pulse area. These unique properties enable the increase of the quality and precision of the corneal incision even more. Several million surgeries have already been performed with this modern technology.

The Excimer laser

With the Excimer laser (UV laser) your cornea is reshaped during laser eye surgery within a few seconds. Our system ALLEGRETTO EYE-Q, made by the company WaveLight Alcon, is one of the highest quality pieces of equipment for refractive surgery. It has a very fast video-based eye-tracking system that reliably compensates for the movements of the eye during the procedure. Both Wavefront-optimized and personalized treatments are possible with the ALLEGRETTO EYE-Q.

The Crosslinking device

In UV crosslinking, the diseased cornea, by keratoconus and other corneal weaknesses, is reshaped with special eye drops (riboflavin) and subsequent UV irradiation. For this, EyeLaser has the most advanced UV irradiation device, the IROC UV-X 2000. The device was developed by a team of experts in collaboration with the inventors of the crosslinking method developed in ophthalmic surgery: Prof. Theo Seiler and Prof. Eberhard Spörl. Through close collaboration with Prof. Seiler in Zurich, Dr. Derhartunian has become intimately familiar with the device and its specific application.

We would be happy to show you our equipment and explain its functions in detail at one of our non-binding information evenings.

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