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Potential risks and side effects of laser eye surgery

Depending on the method which you have chosen, different paraesthesia may occur. For most laser eye methods, however, the pain disappears after a few hours and the patient already has good vision the next day.

Laser eye surgery has been a scientifically recognized method for decades and is one of the most commonly performed operations worldwide. The risks can be described as extremely low. Through the critical selection of our patients, meticulous preliminary examinations and our extensive experience, we reduce the risks even further.

Nevertheless, we would like to fully inform you of the potential complications in advance:

  • Up to three-day-long pain, and fluctuating visual performance of up to several months, may occur after surgery (mainly with the LASEK method).
  • With Femto-LASIK surgery watery eyes and a foreign body sensation in the eye can last for 4 to 8 hours after surgery.
  • Temporary dryness of the eye occurs often. With commercially available eye drops, the eye can be sufficiently moistened.
  • Sensitivity of the eye may increase temporarily or sustainably through a laser treatment.
  • In the weeks after the operation, increased glare sensitivity may occur, which can lead to the perception of halos or reduced vision at dusk and dawn and when experiencing a glare (for example, by oncoming cars). Drive carefully! However, by applying so-called Wavefront technology, the risk can be reduced significantly.
  • A postoperative infection is counteracted by the use of antibiotic eye drops in the first week. Please immediately report inflammation or pain of the eye. By using these corticosteroid eye drops, increased dryness and intraocular pressure may also be experienced.
  • A possible over- or under-correction of up to 20% of the desired visual acuity may occur, due to variations of the healing process and the laser power, and can be corrected after surgery within the post-op treatment time selected by you.
  • Incision errors in forming the corneal flap are very rare and have been reduced even further by the introduction of Femtosecond Laser Technology. They can be disregarded with appropriate treatment.
  • Softening of the cornea (Keractasia) is extremely rare (1 in 10,000 to 40,000 cases) and can be resolved by the application of corneal Cross-linking.
  • An in-grown or displaced corneal flap can occur, and can be corrected with a short procedure. Therefore, please ensure that you attend all your check-ups!
  • Patients over 45 years of age, after the correction of myopia/short-sightedness, may need reading glasses due to the onset of presbyopia. An exception is the application of Monovision.

During the preliminary examination at EyeLaser clinic in Zurich – Switzerland, we will personally discuss risks and side effects, which you may experience based on your personal medical condition. Ultimately, you should only unhesitatingly decide for laser eye surgery if you comprehensively trust the treating surgeon. Just arrange a non-binding appointment with us!

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