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The further development of laser eye surgery:
The laser eye method – Lenticule extraction

Refractive Lenticule Extraction is considered the next generation of laser eye surgery. In this “keyhole” method, no flap (corneal flap) is folded away – the procedure is performed through a tiny incision in the cornea and is therefore minimally invasive. This means that the cornea is touched as little as possible, and the healing process is therefore very short.

The femtosecond laser marks the tissue which will be removed for better eyesight. Solely the Femtosecond laser is used. This method is relatively new and is only applied in a few laser eye clinics worldwide. EyeLaser now also provides this method exclusively for our patients, to always be up-to-date with the latest technology.

Lenticule extraction laser is mainly used for extremely short-sighted patients or people with thin corneas, dry eyes or contact lens intolerance. In the absence of these criteria, the same results can be achieved with Femto-LASIK surgery.

The advantages of Lenticule Extraction:

  • The process proceeds without a flap: A lenticel (a thin corneal lens) is produced inside the intact cornea. Subsequently, a minimally invasive point of entry is made. The lenticel can then be removed through this tiny opening.
  • The correction is made only with the Femtosecond laser: The entire laser surgery (Lenticel incision and lasering) is performed in a single treatment step with the Femtosecond laser.
  • Lenticule extraction can be carried out within the scope of high myopia up to -10 dioptres.
  • Shorter Treatment Duration: The operation takes a few minutes.
  • No restrictions: Everything is possible shortly after the treatment – rubbing of eyes, sports etc.

The disadvantages of Lenticule Extraction:

  • No long-term studies exist: This method has only been on the market since 2011.
  • Only myopic patients: The application is not possible for corrections of long-sightedness.
  • No post-op treatment possible: A correction of the result, so repeated lenticule extraction surgery, is not possible. Any such treatment would only be possible with LASEK/PRK surgery and thin flap femto-lasik.

Read more about the differences between refractive lenticule extractioin and LASIK or LASEK on our blog. We can only determine whether you are really suitable for lenticule extraction surgery, or if this operation is even necessary at all, through a personal consultation incl. ophthalmic preliminary examination. Book your appointment now!

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