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Does my health insurance cover the costs of laser eye surgery at EyeLaser?

The official health insurances do not normally assume the costs of laser eye surgery or lens implants. They only grant medically necessary treatments, and an eye operation at EyeLaser is a voluntary treatment. Except for:

  • correction of cataracts with a monofocal lens (paid by insurance)
  • treatment for combined intolerance of spectacles and contact lenses (in some cases)
  • the treatment of very strong visual impairment greater than 10 dioptres and proven contact lens intolerance (in some cases)
  • treatment in a strong difference of more than 3 dioptres in both eyes and proven contact lens intolerance (in some cases)

We can check for this criteria in the ophthalmologic examination and can issue a clinical report.

If the procedure is not or only partially covered by your health insurance, the cost of treatment can normally be deducted as an exceptional expense as part of your income tax return.

Please note that EyeLaser is a private practice (with private doctors) and thus does not provide any treatments covered by medical insurance. However, many private health insurance companies partially or completely cover the costs of treatment. Please inform yourself directly at your insurance company about the terms of your coverage before surgery.


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