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Prices for laser eye surgery at EyeLaser

How much does laser eye surgery cost? This question is answered straightforwardly at EyeLaser. The cost of laser eye surgery or lens surgery is based on two factors:

We establish the prices, in contrast to many laser eye surgery chains, not only based on the operating costs, which only make up about half of the total cost, but also include the price post-operative check-ups, any post-treatments, medications and goggles – as a fixed package price. In addition, we offer monthly instalments and a comfortable financing plan.


In the post-op treatment period you can contact us at any time, make appointments with us and have any subsequent corrections done for free.


Laser eye surgery pricing cost zurich switzerland

All prices for laser eye surgery as indicated above, are per eye, include starting package for post-treatments, medications and goggles.


Costs for lens implants

  • Phakic Lenses (ICL-Staar)
  • Lens Replacement

Per eye

  • 4500 CHF
  • 4500CHF

All prices for lens implantation as indicated above, are per eye, include ophthalmologic examinations, 3 months of follow-ups, medications and goggles.

The final costs of a lens replacement are based on the type of lenses used for the specific defect (standard, multifocal, bifocal, trifocal, toric or cataracts) and total up to a maximum of  4500CHF per eye. After an ophthalmologic exam and the determination of appropriate lenses for you, we will be able to tell you the exact price of your operation.

Costs for examinations and consultations

Attendance of an information evening and a consultation are free of charge. A brief examination is included at such an information evening, in which one’s suitability can already be determined. Only the ophthalmologic medical examination (290,00 CHF)  must be paid separately – all other costs are included in the transparent package price.

If it turns out that you are not suitable for laser eye surgery or for lens implants or do not wish to carry out the treatment, only the costs of the ophthalmologic medical examination and any contact lens simulation (as in monovision) are due.

Ophthalmologic Preliminary Examination                                   CHF 290.-

We also offer the full range of ophthalmology as private doctors. Just arrange an appointment at our practice!

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We are more than happy to advise you about the possibilities of refractive surgery at one of our non-binding and free information evenings.

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