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Phakic lenses:
Additional artificial lenses in the eye

With the use of Phakic lenses, strong visual defects with more than -8 and +3 dioptres and astigmatism can be corrected. In this method, a small tunnel incision is made in the cornea with a scalpel, through which a foldable artificial lens made of Collamer (ICL) is inserted into the eye.

This Phakic lens, with a certain strength, corrects the visual defect directly in the eye. It is placed between the iris and the natural lens and is neither visible nor palpable.

This is how lens surgery proceeds

The preparation

We first disinfect your facial area. You will receive a local anaesthetic in the form of eye drops. Your eyelids will be fixed. All this is completely symptom-free and painless.

The incision

A small tunnel incision is made with a precision knife at the edge of the cornea.

The artificial lens

The foldable Phakic lens is inserted through the incision, or your lens is aspirated in lens replacement, and the artificial lens is inserted.

The completion

After surgery, your eyes are protected against environmental influences with an eye patch.

Risks & side effects

In some cases, we also combine the implantation of an artificial lens with LASIK surgery to a so-called Bi-optic. First, an artificial lens for coarse correction of refractive errors is used. This is followed by LASIK surgery after about 3 months, for the finishing touches and the correction of astigmatism or residual refractive errors.

Implantation of lenses is generally tolerated well and proceeds without complications. Especially the operation for cataracts is the most commonly performed eye surgery treatment in the world and is considered very safe. Less than 0.1% of cases lead to inflammation of the eye. Small risks include the increase in intraocular pressure (glaucoma), halos (light effects e.g. when driving), a glare (night glare), and opacification (slight haze). These can already be minimized in advance or resolved after surgery. Please strictly adhere to the instructions and eye drop plan, which you will be given by the attending surgeon, and make sure to attend all follow-up appointments.

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