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Laser eye surgery for long-sightedness (hyperopia)

Hyperopia, which is colloquially known as long-sightedness, is caused by a refractive error of the eye in which either the eyeball is too short, or refraction of the eye is too low. Thus, the focal point is behind the retina, rather than on it.

The closer an object is to the eye, the more blurred one sees it. However, individuals who suffer from severe long-sightedness do not see objects clearly, which are close or far away. A person with hyperopia has a positive dioptre count (for example, +4.0 dioptres).

In the treatment of long-sightedness, the central cornea is given a steeper curvature to increase the refractivity.

Laser methods:

The following methods can be used to do so:

Lens surgery methods:

With severe hyperopia or other visual defects, intraocular implants, i.e. lens implants, can also be used:
Phakic Lenses
Lens replacement

The appropriate method primarily depends on your dioptre count, and is determined in a personal consultation including preliminary examination.

   up to max. +4 dioptres Femto-LASIK/LASIK/Phakic Lenses/Lens replacement
   approx. +5 to +10 dioptres Phakic Lenses/Lens replacement

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