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Lens exchange:
replace your lens with an artificial lens

The refractive lens exchange (RLE) is used mainly in patients with cataracts, but also in individuals with severe near-sightedness or long-sightedness, or presbyopia and astigmatism. Through a small incision in the cornea, the natural (cloudy due to cataracts) lens is aspirated and a lens made of compatible synthetic material (acrylic) is used instead.

Which method of lens surgery is best for you, will be identified in a personal consultation incl. ophthalmologic examination by a specialist.

This is how lens surgery proceeds

The preparation

We first disinfect your facial area. You will receive a local anaesthetic in the form of eye drops. Your eyelids will be fixed. All this is completely symptom-free and painless.

The incision

A small tunnel incision is made with a precision knife at the edge of the cornea.

The artificial lens

The foldable Phakic lens is inserted through the incision, or your lens is aspirated in lens replacement, and the artificial lens is inserted.

The completion

After surgery, your eyes are protected against environmental influences with an eye patch.

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