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The classic: The LASIK laser eye method

The LASIK method for vision correction has been applied since 1990 and is now regarded as the most commonly used method in laser surgery. Since 1999, the method had been scientifically recognized. The process has even been approved for NASA astronauts and jet pilots of the Navy. The modern development is the Femto-LASIK method..

LASIK stands for the Latin ‘laser in situ keratomileusis”, which means “ablation of the corneal tissue with a laser”. And that’s exactly what happens during a LASIK operation:

In microkeratome (scalpel)-LASIK an incision is made in the cornea with a micro precision knife. This ultrathin corneal flap is carefully folded back. Then, the inside of the cornea is treated with an Excimer laser and reshaped so that the focus is optimally located on your retina. Then the flap is folded back and the cornea heals within a few days.

This mechanical LASIK, wherein the flap is produced using a scalpel, is, however, becoming less and less used for safety reasons. The modern Femto-LASIK method, in which the incision is made by a laser and not by a knife, is therefore the standard method at EyeLaser Clinics in Zurich ( Switzerland ) and in Austria.

You will notice immediately after the operation that you can see clearly through the thick tear film. However, the eye should be kept covered for the rest of the day. Find out more about the preparation and treatment regarding your laser eye surgery here: treatment.

Due to the cutting of the flap during LASIK surgery, strange sensations in the eye may occur in the first days after the treatment. The regeneration of the cornea takes a few days to weeks. Read more about the risks of laser eye surgery here.

This is how the LASIK operation proceeds

The preparation

We first disinfect your facial area. You will receive a local anaesthetic in the form of eye drops. Your eyelids will be fixed. All this is completely symptom-free and painless. You are asked to look at the green light above you throughout the operation.

Lasik - Schritt 1 - Betäubung

The incision with the scalpel

The eye surgeon makes an incision in the cornea with a micro precision scalpel (microkeratome) to produce a 0.1 mm thin lid – the flap. This is folded back carefully. You may feel slight pressure on the eye and it may become dark for a short while.

Lasik - Schritt 2: Der Schnitt

The correction with the Excimer laser

Now, the eye surgeon uses the Excimer laser. With a computer-controlled laser, the exposed cornea is reshaped in a few seconds to compensate for the refractive error. You will also not notice any of this, except the noise of the laser and possibly the smell of the cornea. The surgeon monitors the use of the laser through a microscope.

LASIK - Schritt 3: Laserbehandlung

The completion

In the final step, the flap is folded back. It will adapt itself and form a protection for the cornea. To be protected against environmental influences, you will receive high-oxygen permeable contact lenses, which are removed by the surgeon the next day. That’s it!

LASIK - Schritt 4: Postoperative Phase

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