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A comprehensive overview: This is how laser eye surgery proceeds at EyeLaser

Our credo is the individuality of every patient – we tailor the vision to each person. Therefore, every eye operation at EyeLaser starts with a free, comprehensive consultation and ophthalmologic preliminary examination by the specialist physician. You will personally be informed by the surgeon about the entire process of treatment and the appropriate method for you, so that you know about each step of the operation and are able to make a well-informed decision.

1. The preliminary examination

In this personal consultation with the specialist, your possibilities for eye surgery will be discussed and all relevant data recorded:

  • Complete ophthalmological examination
  • Your exact lens strength
  • Retinal exam and pressure measurement
  • Eye measurement (biometrics, topography, tomography, wave front)

Important for the pre-examination for laser eye surgery:

  • Please do not wear hard contact lenses 3 weeks before the preliminary examination, and soft contact lenses 1 week before the exam.
  • Eye drops will be used for the exam, which dilate your pupils. Thereafter your eyes will be sensitive to light for 2 to 3 hours and you should neither drive nor operate machinery.

2. The choice of method and appointment

After the preliminary examination you will find out whether you are suitable for surgery and which method would be most recommendable for you. We will inform you about the process of the operation, the risks and side effects and the treatment. Of course, we will also be happy to answer all your questions.

Thereafter, you can either make an appointment right away, or, after sufficient reflection, make an appointment for your operation telephonically. We strive to make appointments which suit the planning of our patients. The waiting time between the preliminary exam and the surgery is one day to a few weeks – as you wish. After the preliminary examination the wearing of contact lenses is allowed again, up to 1-2 days before the operation.

3. Your laser eye surgery

On the day of the surgery you will come into the practice with your companion. Please refrain from wearing face cream, aftershave, makeup or other substances on the facial area. You will only be under local anaesthesia, in the form of eye drops, and can therefore eat and drink normally.

Last questions can be clarified and if in doubt, we can examine the patient again. You shall receive medication and instructions from us for the time after the operation. We also immediately make an appointment for the follow-up the next day (follow-up is usually in the morning).

You can find out more about proceedings of your operational method of choice when you click here on methods. The surgery itself only takes 10 to 20 minutes. Then you will receive safety goggles, as well as all the important documents and medications, and your companion will take you home.

What you should consider after laser eye surgery

  • We recommend that you schedule some downtime of one to several days. Your eyes will be very sensitive and almost all patients experience a burning sensation or a foreign body feeling in the eye. Tearing and sensitivity to light often occur.
  • Keep your eyes closed as much as possible on the first day after surgery. Only open them to eat, to go to the bathroom, etc. The eyelids exert natural pressure onto the cornea, thus accelerating healing. This means no phone, no computer, no reading, no television. Listen to music or an audio book until you go to sleep.
  • Wear sunglasses the whole day, even indoors, and sleep with them on the first night so that nothing goes into your eye.
  • Periodically put the eye drops, which will be given to you by us, into your eyes. You will receive an eye drop plan as well.
  • Avoid eye abrasions or bruising.
  • Please do not wear make up on your eyes for 1-2 weeks after surgery.
  • Refrain from baths, spas and saunas for 2 weeks and do not place your face directly under the water jet of the shower.
  • Avoid windy, drafty, dusty and smoky environments, as well as physical exertion, for 2 weeks.

4. Follow-up treatment

You will come to the first follow-up at our practice the day after the successful surgery. Normally there are no complaints by this time and your vision should be approximately 90%. If you’re healing well and the postoperative checks are satisfactory, the next examination is planned for the following month.

Optimum vision will set in after a few weeks. During this time results can vary minimally depending on the day – please give your eyes some time.

Depending on your chosen package, routine check-ups will take place for 1 to 3 years. You are more than welcome to contact us with any questions or to make appointments. In case of deviations we will correct your eyesight free of charge during this period.

And then: Enjoy your new feeling of life without glasses or contact lenses!

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