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The modern standard:
The laser eye surgery method Femto-LASIK

The Femto-LASIK procedure, also called All-Laser LASIK, is the modern evolution of LASIK surgery. While the cornea is cut with a scalpel (microkeratome) in conventional LASIK surgery, which carries risks, the cornea is opened with a laser in Femto-LASIK surgery. Only high-precision lasers are used for this treatment.

The femtosecond laser cuts much more precise than the scalpel – the produced flap is therefore thinner and saves more tissue. The safety of the process is therefore increased and the healing process is accelerated – greater visual defects can also be treated.

Explanation of the laser eye surgery method Femto-LASIK

You will notice immediately after the operation that you can see clearly through the thick tear film. However, the eye should be kept covered for the rest of the day. You will be able to see relatively well only hours after the surgery. Find out more about the preparation and treatment regarding your laser eye surgery here: treatment.

Naturally, a day after Femto-LASIK surgery you may feel abnormal sensations such as burning or stinging in the eye. The regeneration of the cornea with Femto-LASIK surgery only takes 2-3 days. Read more about the general risks of laser eye surgery here.

Femto-LASIK is the most advanced technology in laser eye surgery and is therefore our preferred and standard choice at EyeLaser in Vienna, Linz and Graz. We use one of the most advanced femtosecond lasers on the market, the ZIEMER Leonardo da Vinci Z6 from Switzerland. Femto-LASIK is a further development of conventional LASIK surgery, which we use less frequently.

Dr. Victor Derhartunian, expert for Femto-LASIK in Vienna

This is how the Femto-LASIK operation proceeds

The preparation

We first disinfect your facial area. You will receive a local anaesthetic in the form of eye drops. Your eyelids will be fixed. All this is completely symptom-free and painless. You are asked to look at the green light above you throughout the operation.

Femto Lasik - Schritt 1: Vorbereitung

The incision with the Femtosecond-Laser

The eye surgeon makes an incision in the cornea with a micro precision scalpel (microkeratome) to produce a 0.1 mm thin lid – the flap. This is folded back carefully. You may feel slight pressure on the eye and it may become dark for a short while.

Femto Lasik 2 - Schritt 2 - Der Schnitt

The correction with the Excimer laser

Now, the eye surgeon uses the Excimer laser. With a computer-controlled laser, the exposed cornea is reshaped in a few seconds to compensate for the refractive error. You will also not notice any of this, except the noise of the laser, and possibly the smell of the cornea. The surgeon monitors the use of the laser through a microscope.

Femto Lasik - Schritt 3 - Laserbehandlung

The completion

In the final step, the flap is folded back. It will adapt itself and form a protection for the cornea. To be protected against environmental influences, you will receive high-oxygen permeable contact lenses, which are removed by the surgeon the next day. That’s it!

Femto Lasik - Schritt 4 - Sauerstoffdurchlässige Linse

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