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The most popular ophthalmologist in Austria
Dr. Victor Derhartunian

The senior eye surgeon at EyeLaser, Dr. Victor Derhartunian, FEBO learned his craft under the two pioneers of laser surgery: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Kohnen (University Eye Clinic Frankfurt) and Prof. Dr. Theo Seiler (IROC Institute Zurich), who performed the world’s first laser eye surgery. Dr. Derhartunian uses this priceless knowledge today – it has allowed him to become one of the leading surgeons in Europe and to develop the procedure of laser eye surgery even further.

This specialist in ophthalmology and optometry studied medicine at the University of Vienna. He completed his education as a specialist at the prestigious University Eye Clinics in Erlangen and Frankfurt, as well as in the UK. From 2009 Dr. Derhartunian worked mainly in Switzerland, where he worked with Prof. Dr. Theo Seiler, the pioneer and leading expert in refractive surgery, in the frame of a fellowship at the IROC Institute.

Dr. Derhartunian can consult his patients in 5 languages: German, English, French, Russian and Polish. This allows for smooth communication during the consultation and discussion of the operation with international patients.

Dr. Victor DerhartunianDr. Victor Derhartunian

Transparenz und Auszeichnungen

On the independent evaluation platform, DocFinder, Dr. Derhartunian regularly ranks among the top 3 ophthalmologists in Austria, which is due to his high standards of quality and patient satisfaction. Dr. Victor Derhartunian received the Patient’s Choice Award in 2013 and 2014, and works exclusively with the best and safest methods on the market.

He is a member of the following professional associations:

Dr. Derhartunian personally examines, advises and treats each and every patient at the EyeLaser Centre in Vienna. Meet Austria’s most popular ophthalmologist at a no-obligation information evening, and ask him all your questions. He will answer them with the greatest pleasure.

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