Erfahrungsbericht: Augenlasern bei hoher Kurzsichtigkeit

Dragana S. erzählt uns ihren Augenlaser Erfahrungsbericht für die Korrektur von Kurzsichtigkeit.

Ich war kurzsichtig, hatte auf einem Auge über 10 Dioptrien, auf einem bisschen weniger, und ja hatte ziemlich Probleme, weil ich schon seit der Volksschule dritter Klasse circa eben eine Brille tragen musste, und auch Kontaktlinsen, es war schwierig. Mittlerweile habe ich sie irgendwann nicht mehr vertragen, und ja, habe mich dann entschlossen, diesen großen Schritt zu machen und das lasern zu lassen.

Aufgeregt, nervös wie das sein wird. Die Olona war aber so nett, hat mir zwei Gläser Prosecco gegeben, dann war ich nicht mehr so nervös. Ja, ich wurde sehr gut betreut, beruhigt, alle Fragen wurden gut beantwortet. Das war wirklich hilfreich. Dann ging es auch los. Noch mehr Nervosität trotz Prosecco, aber der Arzt hat alles gut erklärt, hat gesagt, was er jetzt machen wird. Hat auch jeden Schritt während ich schon auf dem OP-Tisch gelegen bin erklärt, und es war unangenehm. Aber unangenehm war nur die Spange, die das Auge offen hält, aber den Laser oder so habe ich kaum gespürt. Hat nicht weh getan, das Licht war etwas grell, das war auch das Einzige, aber weh getan hat es nicht. Da hat man, glaube ich, eher mehr Horrorvorstellungen vor, was da so passiert, als das dann wirklich so ist.

Gleich nach der OP hat der Arzt gefragt, wie spät es ist. Habe ich sehr gut gesehen, ich habe mich sehr gefreut, dass ich den Arzt sehe, sehr scharf sehe. Er hat aber trotzdem gesagt, bitte nicht zu früh freuen, wir müssen uns das erst anschauen, und gut. Habe meine Freude unterdrückt, und draußen auf der Straße trotz Brille, konnte ich dann, eine Sonnenbrille habe ich glaube ich bekommen, musste ich tragen, habe ich gleich die Straßennamen sehen können. Natürlich noch nicht so scharf. Und das scharf sehen, hat so geschwankt, nach Tagesverfassung, ob ich jetzt etwas nah gelesen haben, oder weiter weg, war Anfangs schwierig ein bisschen für mich, weil es ist ungewohnt, dass man gleich sieht, und bis das Auge arbeitet, das Gehirn muss arbeiten. Aber wirklich scharf gesehen, dann schon nach einem Monat, komplett 100%, ohne Brille. Ich konnte Autofahren, ich konnte die Kennzeichen lesen, war gar nicht so, dass ich in der Dunkelheit irgendwelche Schwierigkeiten hatte, oder bei Sonnenlicht, dass das irgendwie reizt oder so, wirklich beschwerdefrei, und musste auch nicht nachkorrigiert werden, was wirklich super toll war.

Auf jeden Fall, also ich habe es auch schon einem Bekannten empfohlen, er hat weniger Dioptrien. Aber es ist eigentlich egal, wie viele Dioptrien man hat, man sieht einfach nicht gut, und das ist eine Lebensqualität, die unbezahlbar ist. Das würde ich auf jeden Fall noch einmal machen, und wirklich jedem empfehlen, der darüber nachdenkt, nicht großartig zu grübeln, sondern sich dafür zu entscheiden, weil jeder, der eine Brille hat, weiß, wie das ist, wenn man es in der Früh suchen muss. Es ist nicht angenehm, man sieht nichts, bei dem Sport stört es, oder beim Schminken vor allem, ich glaube, die Frauen wissen, wovon ich spreche. Man sieht sich dann nicht so gut, und klebt dann am Spiegel, also wirklich, ich würde das auf jeden Fall wieder machen.

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What our patients say…

Two things that absolutely convinced me here: the surgery result and how they handled me perfectly. Very friendly reception, top professional medical information before, during and after the surgery. Dr Derhartunian approaches the patient, listens carefully to what the patient expects and outlines the procedure and the effects of the surgery perfectly. To be able to live without glasses after 40 years is a gift.

My thanks to Dr Derhartunian!


I was very nervous before arriving at the clinic. Then, when I had a few words with the doctor, I knew it was the right decision to come here! The long journey was worth it. I was very satisfied with the preliminary examination and the detailed explanations that the doctor kept giving me during the examination. He also told me every move during the O.P. I always had the feeling that I was in very good hands. It was one of the best decisions I made.

DocFinder User

I wore glasses for 32 years because of severe myopia. Most recently, I also had presbyopia. I had been thinking about having my eyes lasered for a while. But everything that has to do with my eyes is fraught with fear for me. The consultation at EyeLaser was very professional. The procedure itself only took a few minutes. After three days, I could have gone back to work, but I allowed myself a week’s holiday.

Since then, I have enjoyed life without visual aids. I don’t even need reading glasses. I am finally free of glasses after 32 years.

Thank you, Dr Derhartunian and his team!

DocFinder User

I had laser surgery with Dr Derhartunian and his team back in 2013. I still think it was one of the best decisions I ever made: I still have perfect vision and no other problems with my eyes! Dr Derhartunian holds free information evenings in person, which is the perfect opportunity to ask questions about the operation. He is sympathetic and answered all questions competently and, above all, in an understandable way. I can recommend the operation. It is definitely worth the money!


The surgery took 15 minutes for both eyes and was totally painless. Dr Derhartunian explained step-by-step which took away the nervousness. I had no pain or problems after the operation either. The surgery was on Friday, and I went back to work (computer work) on Monday. Exactly one month after the operation, I had a check-up. Again, this examination was carried out very accurately. I am 100% satisfied.

DocFinder User

The entire team is friendly, competent and very well organized. My quality of life without lenses and glassed has increased significantly. I would do it again and definitely recommend it.

DocFinder User

Not wearing glasses after 43 years is a gift! The team around Dr Derhartunian has by far exceeded all my expectations! 6 diopters of short-sightedness and 3 diopters of long-sightedness gone in 7 minutes! Simply gone! Pain? NONE! The operation in itself is no more than a visit to the dentist, the next day, I was able to drive myself to the follow-up check-up, WITHOUT GLASSES!!!!!!!!

DocFinder User
Thanks to the two doctors’ first-class preparation and surgery, the surgery situation was well tolerable even for a patient with anxiety. The three follow-up visits were thorough and informative and gave me the chance to ask any questions. It was always possible to ask about any problems (which were not problems at all!).

Conclusion: absolutely recommendable clinic and many thanks to all involved!

H. F.

The operation was short and painless.

Even after the operation, I had no pain or other impairments. The entire team is extremely friendly and helpful. Since I am completely satisfied with the result, I can only recommend EyeLaser.

DocFinder User
New lease of life!

I “only” wanted to have my eyes lasered to get away from glasses, but then I was diagnosed with cataracts. It was a shock for me, but Dr Derhartunian calmed me down and gave me great information about the situation. After 50 minutes, everything was done. I had new lenses implanted, which corrected my prescription. 2nd check-up after one week: visual performance 150 %!!!!! And that after 35 years of glasses with almost 7 dioptres – and now no more glasses!!! I can only recommend it to everyone; I was also very scared, but completely needlessly. During the operation, I never had any pain, only a short feeling of pressure when the lens was inserted and brought into position. So don’t hesitate to go to the two specialists; it’s a new way of life. Have the courage!

DocFinder User

The doc is super friendly, very professional and really tip-top.

I was able to see very well 4 hours after the procedure. I was a little light-sensitive for a few days, which I was made aware of in advance. I am very pleased. The only annoying thing is that I didn’t do it earlier.

DocFinder User
Very satisfied with the services of the practice.

Both assessments and organisation went smoothly, very short waiting times, reception and premises, everything top. But even better than the organisation was personal care. No questions remained unanswered. Dr Derhartunian took lots of time for personal conversation. There was no feeling of time pressure. Professional, competent, courteous. Keep it up! I definitely recommend the practice and Dr. Derhartunian!

A. N.

My quality of life has increased immensely after the laser, despite “not that many diopters”.

A big THANK YOU for that! I can only warmly recommend the clinic.

DocFinder User

I’ve been wearing glasses for 40 years, and I don’t regret taking this step much earlier.

I had no problem with the healing process and have been enjoying my life without glasses ever since.

DocFinder User

It was the best decision of my life.

After laser eye surgery, my ametropia was completely eliminated, and I was able to see everything razor-sharp the day after the operation. The doctor and his entire team are super nice and professional.

DocFinder User

Everyone who is thinking about having their eyes lasered should come here!

I have been seeing PERFECT since then and am extremely satisfied with the result. Highly recommended and personally regret not having done it earlier. A completely different attitude towards life of not having to wear glasses anymore.

DocFinder User
The whole team is warm, competent and helpful.

Have already had both eyes operated on and multifocal lenses fitted. I am very happy with it.

G. S
Perfect and competent care

I felt very competently advised and comfortable from the first contact. During the preliminary examination, the doctor detected an undiscovered allergy. Another ophthalmologist had previously diagnosed this as extremely dry eyes – thank you very much for that. During the surgery, Dr Derhartunian was very empathetic and explained every step, which helped me get my nervousness under control. Thank you very much for the nice and competent care! I can recommend the Eyelaser practice 100%.

DocFinder User

We have replaced the images of real patients who provided these testimonials to protect their privacy.

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