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Laser eye surgery for astigmatism

In a normal eye the cornea is shaped so that light rays are highly collimated and directed towards the sharpest point of vision (focus).

In astigmatism, the curvature of the cornea is either too strong or too weak, so that the light cannot be highly collimated. From certain lines of sight, an uncontrolled, increased refractivity, resulting in the perception of distorted images, develops. Objects are often seen double or with an adjacent shadow.

In the treatment of astigmatism, the high-index axis of the cornea is either flattened, or the axis is increased.

Laser methods:

The following eye laser methods can be used:
ReLex Smile

Lens surgery methods:

Also surgical procedures (lens implants) are possible:
Phakic lenses (toric)
Lens implants with a toric lens

These treatments can be used for an eyesight of 6 dioptres. Custom implants are possible for worse visual impairment.

 up to 6 dioptres Femto-LASIK/LASIK/LASEK/Phakic Lenses/Lens replacement

In a personal consultation, or in the ophthalmological preliminary examination, we will gladly discuss your options for laser eye surgery for astigmatism.


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